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Dining Room

City Club’s Dining Room graciously accommodates up to 40 people and offers a variety of table sizes, from a community table that seats up to ten to smaller two-seaters perfect for private conversations. A long granite-top buffet allows for lush spreads of our kitchen’s best dishes as well as a drink station for self-serve ice water, sparkling water, lemonade, and/or iced tea. The room also includes a state-of-the-art, 10-foot projection screen complete with Panasonic projector that converts the space into an ideal venue for presentations, film screenings, lectures, and workshops. We also have plenty of HDMI and VGA cords plus different converters so your tech needs are always covered.



Located on the 1st floor and Loft levels of our building, these lounges serve as relaxed common spaces during business hours and can also be converted into great spaces for private event rental.


Great Hall

Our Great Hall is the ideal space for larger gatherings. Whether you are seeking an open space for a bustling social event or a more low-key environment catering to quieter crowds, the Great Hall’s elegant furnishings, acoustic-domed ceiling and eclectic fine art collection offers a warm, welcoming and highly customizable atmosphere.


Music Room

For intimate gatherings of two to six people, City Club’s Music Room provides a nurturing and private option. The Music Room boasts a comfortable couch and four chairs, a table and musical instruments for use including drums, guitar, piano and more. The room’s floor to ceiling oak paneling and soft lighting create a soothing, lounge-like atmosphere perfect for brainstorming, collaboration and/or making music.


Wine Cellar

Our below-ground Wine Cellar with dry-stacked stone walls offers a wide selection of fine wines, ports, craft beer and chocolates. Access to the Cellar is included in Great Hall and full Club level rentals, and it also makes a great venue for photoshoots, as shown in the May 2015 issue of Boulder Lifestyle Magazine.


Gardens & Amphitheater

Highland’s award-winning gardens include a colorful spread of bushes and perennial flower beds as well as wild raspberries and a vegetable garden which supplies our kitchen with fresh herbs. While the blooms are at their best in the spring and early summer, Highland’s 100+ year old English oak and maple trees boast fiery foliage in the autumn months, and our spruce and holly provide green cheer during the winter. Highland grounds also include a creek-side stone amphitheater and wrought-iron gazebo capable of seating up to 40 people, multiple covered dining tables, and large green areas according to Frederic Law Olmstead’s 1910 Boulder Creek plan for “a simple, open common”.

Venue Rental Request