City Club


We are a community based on self-governance. Our foundation is a set of principles that keeps our core culture strong while also facilitating growth and evolution.

Some clubs have rules. We have values.

Here are just a few.


First and foremost, City Club values our community’s safety. We are a safe space for people to come as they are. Any kind of abuse or aggression is not tolerated on our campus.


Everyone who walks through our doors is welcomed and treated with respect. This includes all members, guests, staff, and speakers.


While on our campus we encourage you to be present. Silence your cell phone, serve yourself a cup of tea, and start a conversation.  City Club is what you make of it.


At City Club, members & guests, staff & speakers are all invited to give freely. We value the quality not quantity of community contributions.  In this spirit, City Club strictly prohibits promotion, solicitation, and marketing for products or services during events and social gatherings.


We have a tendency to ask questions and brave uncharted territory. Whether it be in our programs, our conversations, or our work, we strive to dive deeper and seek out the unexpected.


We believe a community is stronger when diverse individuals come together because of our differences, not in spite of them. City Club was born from a collaborative vision, and our future sits firmly on a foundation of working together.


Don’t just think outside the box — be outside the box. We are proud to be a haven for Boulder’s black sheep, and strongly believe that the ideas on the fringe are often the ones leading the way.


It takes support and encouragement as well as constructive criticism and strategic dissent to help us become the best version of ourselves. We are always seeking to grow, and we support each member of our community to do the same.


One of the greatest benefits of community is being there to celebrate life’s best moments. Whatever the milestone may be, from a career change or birthday to home improvements or launching a new creative project, we’ll toast the occasion.

Call us at 303.443.4430 or email to learn more!